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Free Mandarin 890 sentences online
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01.Greetings 21.Measuring And Comparing 41.Talking About Feelings
02.Expression In Class 22.Asking For Help 42.Looking For A House
03.Identifying Objects 23.Asking Directions 43.Talking About Dressing
04.About Belongings 24.About Marriage 44.Expressing Different Opinions
05.Identifying People 25.Talking About Neighbors And Friends 45.About Things In The future
06.About Introduction 26.Planning The Future 46.Things That Might Have Happened
07.Year, Month And Day 27.Talking About The Weather 47.Talking About Likes And Dislikes
08.Talking About Objects 28.About Sickness 48.Putting Forward Your Own Opinions
09.Talking About Time 29.Talking About Habits 49.Asking For Help
10.About Dates 30.Asking For Other's Opinions 50.Getting Ready For A Journey
11.About Visits 31.Making Plans 51.Countries And Nationalities
12.About Language 32.About Decisions 52.Geography And Land Features
13.Talking About Activities 33.Traveling 53.School And Education
14.About Age 34.About Shopping 54.About Jobs
15.Talking About Daily Activities 35.In The Restaurant 55.Farms And Factories
16.Talking About Yesterday 36.About Evening Entertainment 56.About Hobbies
17.Talking With Friends 37.Appointments 57.Recreational Activities
18.Talking About The Past 38.Seeing A Doctor 58.About Newspapers And Magazines