For 32Bit operating system: WindowsXP/2000/2003
with Internet Explrer 6.0, Firefox 1.5, Windows Media Player 10, RealPlayer 10

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Why should you delete surfing trace?
1. Prevent trojan from peeking
   Private information such as usernames and passwords is often saved in your computer. Some triojan can peek at these information. Even if you install anti-trojan application, some new trojans can not be stopped. But how ever mighty can trojan be, it can not peek at private information which does not exist. So the best way to protect your private information is to delete your private information.

Prevent others from peeking
    Others can get your private information when using your computer, so keep deleting surfing trace is a good habit.
Why should you choose DelTrace to delete surfing trace?
    Because it works automatically. You can forget it after installing.
   When you Shutdown or Restart or Log Off your computer, it can delete the following trace:

01. IE and Firefox browsing history URLs list ( include IE's index.dat file).
02. Temporary Internet Files of IE and Firefox ( include IE's index.dat file).
03. Cookies of IE and Firefox ( include IE's index.dat file).
04. AutoComplete content, saved form Information, usernames, passwords and search box history list ( include Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL  tool bar  search history).
05. List of documents and folders opened recently.
06. Application using history and Past Items in Customize Notifications.
07. Typed words in Windows Search box
08. Windows prefetch files.
09. Start->Run dropdown list.
10. Delete Windows Media Player and Real Player opened file list.

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